Creative Chaos v3.0...

This week's Creative Chaos is devoted to a yellow plastic bag.

We started placing empty yellow bags out in the lobby about 2 years ago. Our thought was simple, and that was to put some skin on an Acts 2 principle. The scripture says that everyone shared their stuff and made sure each person had what they needed. The empty yellow bags have a note inside requesting basic foods / items such as canned goods, boxed dinners, cereal, soap, toilet paper, and so on and so fourth. The idea is that you would pick up this empty yellow bag and then you would return it full to the lobby and just set it out there.

For the past two years there has not been one weekend where there are not yellow bags exchanged. It's so smooth and it's so simple. You have extra? Fill up a bag. You don't have enough? Take a bag. Many people who would never ask for help are willing to walk over and pick up a bag or two as they walk out the door. It's a beautiful thing. We call it Common Ground and occasionally we'll do a big push for lots and lots of yellow bags to give where they're needed. Last week we dropped off a truck-load to a local food pantry that is serving our community. That's that.

The side of these bags has a graphic on them that says, "Small things done with great love will change the world."

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jimkastkeat said...


I love the way it lets people opt in and opt on both sides (the giving and the taking).

nancypants said...

What a neat idea. I'm passing this on to my husband, a pastor. Thanks!