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We had some of my family over tonight for el Cumpleaño de mi Papa. There were about 12 or 13 of us here and it was a great time. I made a 7lb beef roast with all the fixins. My Granddad (notice...not my grandpa...grandpa is apparently a sissy term in my family) entered mi casa in classic Granddad style saying, "What's burning? I smell something burning! What are you burning?" To which I responded, "Not a thing...I'm sautéing some mushrooms...that's how they smell." To which he replied, "They smell burnt!" To which I retorted, "I guess you're one less person we have to share them with." To which he countered, "They look burnt too."

Not allowing old Ralph to ruin my cooking serenity I simply kept my back turned to him until I noticed he walked away. Classic move. Ryan = Win.

Here's the crotchety old boy himself...along with a lovely bride.

The birthday boy with my stride materfamilias.

Dad with Chloe (my sister who is younger than my daughter) and Calvin.

Calvin. That miracle little man-boy. His head is gigantic.

Poor little dude is like and orange on a toothpick. He's a genius though.

Here's my brother Nicholas riffling through someone's wallet. When I was his age I had two jobs and a mortgage already.

Ava had a little too much to drink. Lush.

Chloe: Perpetual thumb-sucker.

All in all it was a good night. Dad is 49...not too old yet. Well...maybe it is when your kids at home are 1, 3, and 7. Ouch.

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Ryan Allen Doan said...

did Ralph shut his yapper about the food after he tasted it?

DanThoms said...

your grandpa I um mean granddad was quite persistent in his assessment of your mushrooms. I laughed when I read that he said they looked burnt too. He doesn't give uo.

Andrea said...

Why did you become spanish this blog? were you feeling spicy?

Steve said...

I like mushrooms. Angela made some killer portobellas last night. They were better than yours.

Ryan Detzel said...


Nick Detzel said...

The dinner was delicioso, (why did you become spanish?). Thanks for a great birthday dinner! You know how granddad is - goofy ( his own assessment) just do what all his kids do, ignore it or play with it.Gotta go, getting ready for the unwashed masses yearning to live in Groesbeck.
Dad (grandad to Ava)