2009 Here We Come...

It's New Year's Day and that means there's nothing to do today.

The streets are quiet.

The stores are closed.

The western world as we know it is taking a collective sigh today. Whether someone is nursing a hangover or simply reflecting on the hopes and dreams of 2008, one thing is certain, it's going to get better. People everywhere get excited about the idea of a new year. It's quite strange. There's really not a big difference between the 31st day of December and the 1st day of January. You know this, I know this, but for some reason we do this thing near the end of a year where we start to anticipate the "fresh start" of a new year.

The homeless and the marginalized get excited for a new year.

The prominent and the successful get excited for a new year.

I long for that moment to stay with us. That little flicker of hope we have inside that says this year is going to be better. 2007 was a great year for me and my family. We loved people and were loved by people. What more can you ask for? ----->More Love.

We had a party last night with about 50 people over. These are people that I love and I suspect some of them like me too. It's a wonderful feeling and yet it always makes me feel burdened for those people who aren't experiencing that love. My personal goal this year is to break through my skeptical/cynical nature and love people like I've never loved people before. It's hard, but every time I do it a little piece of something missing is restored. Every small thing we do has a ripple effect to it and it grows and it spreads. That is reverb. That's what the Kingdom of God is all about...reckless, relentless love.

*Sappiness Over*

I'm an idiot story #247 - I was making fun of Ryan's boots at about 2 am with a dozen or so people around and I tried to take them off of his feet to try them on. I pulled hard on the first boot and when it came off it smashed me in the face.

Lesson learned: There's no possible way to look cool when you hit yourself in the face with someone else's boot. I tried...I failed.

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DanThoms said...

Its a new year and yet I have to go back to the same old job today. I hate today. Yesterday was better.