Historic Cincinnati...

Below you will find an image of Pearl Street Market. Pearl Street was founded in 1816 making it the oldest public market in all of Cincinnati. It sat between Broadway and Sycamore Streets and had many famous visitors...you know, presidents and what not. When people visited Cincinnati, they had to check out Pearl Street Market. The market was torn down in 1968 to make room for Riverfront Stadium. I wish I would have been around to scope out that place...I bet it was pretty cool.

This is the Price Hill Incline:

You can read more about the history of Price Hill, or Bold Face Hill as it was formerly known------> Here. There are all kinds of cool things that I'm learning about my city and I would recommend you do the same. It seems the more we know about the past the better we can understand the present...that sounds familiar.

I always enjoyed History class going through school, but there was a sort of break down when it came to relating it to my life. Now that I pay the bills, buy the stuff, drive the streets, and explore the territory it gives me great satisfaction to know things about where I'm from.

Just thought I'd share something interesting with you. Adios.

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