Morning thoughts...

Well, my staph meeting was canceled this morning and I really don't have anything to do until about 10:30am. So as a special gift to the blogosphere I will now jot down 30 thoughts I had before breakfast.

* I gotta pee real bad.

* New Listerine Vanilla Mint: Less Intense, Equally Effective...less intense my arse!

* I wonder if I can cut the stairs in an alternating pattern to make it easier to walk up them.

* Does satan have any sort of control over the weather?

* If I get some area rugs the dogs won't make so much noise on the wood floor at night.

* How is Ava supposed to get better if we can't do anything for her. (She has a cough.)

* I could look it up on WebMD.

* This Toffee Nut CoffeeMate sucks. Disappointment.

* Some people would judge us harshly if they knew we let Ava watch cartoons in the morning.

* Baby hugs are worth more than diamonds.

* I have to clean this's gross.

* I miss Ryan and Carrie.

* Where have all the cowboys gone?

* Update the blog for the hobby store today.

* I can't wait to read some more of that book I'm reading. (nerd)

* We'll probably make a giant batch of cinnamon rolls at group tonight.

* It was pretty nice of Steve to provide dinner for group.

* I wonder who I could take to Thai Namtip with my gift certificate.

* I need to take that Mario Galaxy game off of my Amazon wishlist.

* I should play Mario Galaxy some time today.

* Gotta make those name badges for the prayer team.

* My face hurts from dodgeball last night.

* There is snot all over me from Ava.

* Handy Manny is freaking sweet.

* Is Sam's Club the cheapest on DVD-Rs?

* Find out the square footage of the upstairs for carpeting.

* That lady at Kroger's last night said I was the neatest person ever...not a compliment.

* Refuge coffee house should be named SOAK.

* What else do I need for Thanksgiving? Turkey? Check. Potatoes? Check...

* My ear doesn't hurt anymore. Thanks Lord.

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Jenny said...

Thoughts about your thoughts:

1. I think Satan can influence the weather. I also think God can. :) Therefore, we can ask God to. Did you hear that on Wednesday the governor of Georgia led the state in a prayer for rain and Wednesday's nights forecast was thundershowers? Sweet.

2. Pray for Ava's cough. It will have to go away. :)

Elaine said...

I like SOAK

Ryan Allen Doan said...

I miss you. I can't wait to snuggle and hug and kiss you.

Robert said...

Dude... Ryan Doan's initials are RAD!!!

Liz said...

It's "staff" not "staph" :o) Staph is an infection.

Ryan Detzel said...

I'm well aware that staph is an infection...that's why I used that terminology. ;)

I always call it my staph meeting. I mean come's a staff meeting.