What am I for?

I've been reading a book called Holy Discontent by a Pastor named Bill Hybels. It's pretty decent. It definitely has me trying to figure out what my "holy discontent" is personally.

What is it that brings me a firestorm of frustration? I'm not sure.

I've got lots of things that frustrate me. There are so many topics out there that get me fired up, but I'm unsure of the area with which I should focus. I'm kind of the guy who tries to help make something better in whatever area needs help. I step in, I try my hand at improving it, and then I move on. Sometimes I make things better and sometimes I find out that I suck at certain things.

One thing I suck at is figuring out my holy discontent.

1 waggish utterances thus far...:

Ryan Allen Doan said...

i've got faith you'll figure it out. It's a great question.