30-Day Spending Challenge...

...So Allison quit her job a couple weeks ago. She didn't like this job at all and she worked too much. She applied for a part-time job with Great Oaks school district working with special needs students and she got the job...sweet. This is something new and exciting and we're all going to get to spend a lot more time together now.

The other side of this new venture is that we'll be making even less money...I know, I know...I've been whining about the money thing lately but hey, we've got to whine about something now and then right? (Philippians 2:14 says, "Do everything without complaining") <---oh crap!!

Ok then...no complaining allowed. Let's get creative then. Let's make this fun.

Allison and I are on day three of a 30-day spending challenge. We've decided to compete with each other and with ourselves to see who can spend the least over a 30-day period. Not only are we seeing who can spend the least...the most we can spend is $20 for the entire month!

Now don't be crazy, this doesn't include the things we need to survive: Food, Gas, Paying the Bills, etc.., but it does include all those extra items that we just don't need.

This will definitely be a major challenge for me! I like being able to grab a snack at the store or pick up something on sale at Sam's Club (goodbye my love) when I feel like it. It's also nice to snag a Monster (I'm addicted to energy drinks) when I need a little pick me up. <----Translation: I want my heart to feel like there are baby Tasmanian Devils in it. The point is, I enjoy buying stupid wasteful crap. This will be difficult for me.

Be careful hanging out with me for the next month as I will probably ask you to buy me something.

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Light Bright said...

So how's that challenge going??